Charismac Engineering Announces the Discribe Alive CD/DVD Duplication and Distribution System
Posted Jul 9, 2004

Charismac Engineering Inc. has announced the release of Discribe Alive - a mass content duplication and distribution system designed specifically for live performance applications.

Each Discribe Alive system comes pre-configured with Charismac's Discribe Alive Master software (running on an Apple Computer G4 PowerBook with Mac OS X Panther), two custom-built Discribe Alive Target Robot CD/DVD duplicators; an Apple Computer Xserve; a tallying key that tracks and reports on system status and CD burning success; and wireless networking connectivity tools. An air-travel-approved (ATA), shock-mounted rack case encapsulates the Discribe Alive system.

Each Discribe Alive Target Robot is capable of burning over 200 discs per hour -- depending on the amount of content broadcast and then duplicated. Applications for the Discribe Alive System are varied from major enterprise level organizations to small businesses. They include musical performing acts, motivational speakers, professional lecturers, academia, theater, spoken word, worship, secondary education, radio and television broadcast.

The Discribe Alive System is currently available for custom configuration and integration.