Maxell Introduces Recordable Blu-ray Discs for Hi-Def Camcorder Market
Posted Sep 7, 2007

Maxell Corporation of America, the technology and marketing leader in advanced data storage media, announced today that it will begin shipping a new 8cm Blu-ray BD-R write-once and BD-RE rewritable discs for the HD camcorder market. The Maxell 8cm single layer Blu-ray BD-R and BD-RE are compatible with the latest Blu-ray camcorders providing a recording capacity of 7.5 GB allowing the disc to store one hour of full high-definition picture quality at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The new Maxell 8cm Blu-ray products were developed to provide larger storage capacities with maximum performance to ensure that personal memories recorded with this latest technology can be enjoyed to their fullest capabilities and will be protected over time. The new products feature a special HG hard coat technology (hard coat layer) to protect the recording surface from scratches, dust and fingerprints, which can cause playback errors in camcorder media.

The Maxell 8cm Blu-ray discs will be available in the U.S. starting in September to coincide with the release of Hitachi's new Blu-ray camcorder. Discs will retail for $24.99 for the write-once single sided disc and $34.99 for the rewritable version. The product will also feature Maxell’s consumer friendly packaging with easy to read specifications and usage.

“The market for HD content has significant upside, and we believe that as people see their home movies with richer texture, images and sound as a result of HD technologies available on the market, they won’t turn back,” said Don Patrican, vice president of sales and marketing for Maxell Corporation of America. “With this latest addition of recordable Blu-ray media for camcorders, our category expertise allows us to help our customers navigate the latest HD technologies ensuring they have the right products at retail stores.”