Toshiba Introduces 320GB 2.5" HDD to Headline Broad Offerings in Three New Mobile HDD Families
Posted Aug 21, 2007

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD), the industry pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), today announced the world’s first 320GB1 2.5-inch HDD, as the lead product in a new series of 5,400 RPM notebook drives. The company also expanded into the high-end 7,200 RPM performance class with a family of products offering up to 200GB capacity.

Toshiba's new 5,400 RPM 2.5-inch HDDs feature capacity points from 80GB to 320GB, using both 120GB-per-platter and 160GB-per-platter designs in the MK-46GSX and MK-52GSX families, respectively. The high-end 7,200 RPM MK-49GSY series features capacity points of 80GB to 200GB. All three families support the Serial ATA interface at a 3.0 Gbps data transfer rate, and free-fall sensor options are available on select models.

This broad lineup of storage solutions for information technology (IT) and consumer electronics (CE) OEMs is based on an extensible platform that incorporates a shared architectural base and common components. Leveraging this platform enabled Toshiba’s development teams in the United States and Japan to bring products to market quicker and provided more manufacturing flexibility to meet changing customer demands.

By utilizing the latest head and media technologies, the extensible platform architected by Toshiba will provide the fastest native transfer rates yet achieved in mobile 2.5-inch products – a key factor in overall drive performance.

“Our global collaboration and new architectural platform greatly accelerated our ability to deliver industry-leading 2.5-inch capacity, while introducing a broad array of 2.5-inch product offerings,” said Scott Maccabe, vice president and general manager of Toshiba Storage Device Division. “Toshiba's engineering innovation has positioned us competitively for the future and demonstrates our long-term commitment to addressing the growing demand for capacity and feature-rich storage solutions for digital data, as end users continue to embrace video and multimedia applications.”

Toshiba successfully orchestrated a collaborative design effort with the company's design teams at the Storage Design Center in Fremont, Calif., and the Ome, Japan, development center to bring this lineup to market. Using Toshiba's innovative extensible platform approach, designs for these new product families feature commonality in fundamental HDD components such as heads, media, ASICs and firmware. In addition to accelerating the development schedule, extensibility increases manufacturing efficiencies and speeds up the OEM qualification process, giving Toshiba a solid foundation for future technology introductions.

The company’s 2.5-inch HDD lineup now spans from the ultra-power-conservative segment with the existing 200GB 4,200 RPM MK2035GSS, to the mainstream market with the new 5,400 RPM MK-GSX series and, finally, to the high-performance category with the new 7,200 RPM MK-GSY offering. Toshiba is well-positioned to deliver the right capacity and performance options to meet the needs of IT and CE manufacturers for mobile PCs, compact external storage devices, personal video recorders, gaming consoles, converged TVs, printers, point-of-sale terminals, media centers and audio/video editing systems.

Toshiba’s new HDD families are RoHS3 compliant and will begin production in the fourth quarter of 2007. For more information about Toshiba’s line of 2.5-inch HDDs, visit