Sachtler Offers New Fluid Heads for MiniDV, DV, and HDV
Posted Aug 14, 2007

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, is delivering two new fluid heads for MiniDV and HDV camcorders. The Sachtler FSB 2 is designed to accept payloads of up to 4.4 pounds (2kg) while the FSB 6 supports 2.2 to 13.2 pounds (1 to 6kg). The new heads are engineered to offer low-mass cameras the same smooth pan and tilt movement that operators have enjoyed with larger camera packages on heavy-duty fluid heads.

Sachtler’s engineers employed the same fluid head dampening technology professionals have come to expect from the company’s larger heads. Both the FSB 2 and FSB 6 have three dampening steps in both pan and tilt directions, as well as a zero setting, that deactivates dampening. The FSB 2 sports a 2-step counterbalance system and the FSB 6 has a 10-step counterbalance system. Both have a tilt range of +90° / –70°.

The new heads utilize Sachtler’s patented Snap & Go sideload camera plate attachment system for quick transition from tripod mounted to handheld operation. The Snap & Go system offers an over 4.5" (120mm) sliding range, allowing the operator to center the camera system’s c.g. on the head. The FSB 6 can also be delivered with Sachtler’s classic Touch & Go® camera plate.

The Snap & Go system also provides quick integration between the camera and fluid head of Sachtler’s new F-Cell battery. This 10.5 AH lithium rechargeable power source provides eight hours of shooting time and adds ideally positioned mass to facilitate better pan/tilt performance.

The new fluid heads are available now through the Sachtler dealer network.