MOTU Announces V3HD First Ever All-In-One FireWire HD/SD Video Interface for Mac and PC
Posted Jul 30, 2007

MOTU, Inc. has unveiled the V3HD, a two rack-space FireWire video interface and converter that turns a Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation capable of capturing and playing back compressed HD and uncompressed SD in a wide variety of formats, including HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HD component, HDMI (or DVI) and both NTSC and PAL in all standard analog I/O formats.

A breadth of HD formats, including 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080PsF, can be captured and played back over a single FireWire A or B connection via real-time hardware-based compression to and from the industry standard DVCPro HD codec, which provides pristine 4:2:2 broadcast quality HD images. Users can connect a variety of HD and SD sources and destinations, choose any HD or SD input source via software or the front-panel LCD, and then convert to all HD and SD output formats in real-time with hardware-based SD-to-HD up-convert, HD-to-SD down-convert and pull-down insertion or removal.

Four banks of 8-channel audio I/O (analog, AES/EBU, optical and embedded) feed into a 32-channel 16-bus monitor mixer for a total of 32 channels of zero-latency audio input, output and mixing. Extensive synchronization and machine control features, including a large front-panel time code LED display, keep the entire system accurately synchronized.

The V3HD supports Apple Final Cut Pro 5.1 or higher on the Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on Windows, and it includes cross-platform control software for all video and audio features. The V3HD can also function as a stand-alone converter when a computer is not connected.

"The V3HD is perfect for any Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro user who wants easy, plug-and-play connectivity and comprehensive, all-in-one capture and playback for HD, SD and mixed workflows," said Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing. "The V3HD supports all the HD and SD formats most users will ever need, with image quality that we believe sets a new standard for desktop video production. That's why the V3HD supports 10-bit uncompressed SD via 12-bit converters. And it's also why we chose DVCPro HD as the codec for moving HD over FireWire. It's 4:2:2 with a robust 100 Mbit/sec constant bit rate data stream, and it's the most widely respected and adopted intra-frame HD codec currently available. Best of all, users can work natively in broadcast-quality HD, even on a laptop, without the costly overhead required for uncompressed."

Connect. Convert. Capture. Monitor. Deliver.
The V3HD provides a plethora of video input and output options. Users can connect all their gear, from SD camcorders and CRT monitors to today’s latest professional HD cameras, video decks, LCD reference monitors and plasmas -- all at the same time, with no cable swapping. Then, they simply choose an input source and log and capture HD and SD clips directly into Final Cut or Premiere, converted on the fly and ready for fast, CPU-efficient editing in pristine native DVCPro HD quality.

As users edit, they can watch their creation take shape in a variety of display formats simultaneously, from the pixel-for-pixel accuracy of a large plasma screen, to the color-corrected balance of an LCD reference monitor, to the real-world look of a consumer display. An unsurpassed 32 channels of audio allow users to capture, monitor, mix and master multichannel surround sound, up to 7.1, for their productions at sample rates up to 192kHz. Time code, machine control, video reference and word clock synchronization features keep everything frame-accurate.

From start to finish, the V3HD streamlines a user's video production workflow, with unified control over all their video gear from their computer desktop.

V3HD Feature Highlights
The V3HD delivers a robust feature set and introduces many firsts for an all-in-one HD/SD video interface:

Video I/O

Audio I/O

Sync and device control

Front panel programming and monitoring

Included software and compatibility

The V3HD is expected to ship during Q3 2007. The price has not yet been announced.