"On the Lot" or Off, DVRental.com Giving Filmmakers an Affordable Digital Videography Option
Posted Jul 10, 2007

The recent television debut of “On the Lot,” a reality competition that pits budding filmmakers against each other in the hopes of landing their dream job, has glamorized the filmmaking profession. Would-be big-time filmmakers, however, know that this glamorous image is far from reality. Making a splash on the big screen entails not only lots of sweat and tears but also a significant financial investment. All that is about to change, however, with the official launch of DVRental.com. Now, by locating a digital video camera renter in their region of the country, amateur filmmakers across the U.S. can save a bundle in pursuit of their dream. Digital video camera owners who would like to list their cameras for rent and cost-conscious video camera seekers can unite at DVRental.com.

When auditions for the Steven Spielberg-associated “On the Lot” reality series were announced earlier this year, 12,000 people submitted their films for consideration. With a $1 million DreamWorks development deal on the line, it’s no wonder the competition appealed to so many budding filmmakers. But this figure represents only a very small percentage of individuals who dream that their self-produced movies will one day hit the Hollywood big time. People all across the nation are dusting off their forgotten dreams of filmmaking, but many are encountering the same obstacle: the prohibitive expense of the latest digital video equipment.

“A successful filmmaker is only as good as his or her camera,” explains DVRental.com’s spokesperson. “The dilemma is that an undiscovered talent usually doesn’t have the cash to shell out on the best camera. That’s where we come into play. Our users can choose from a variety of digital video cameras. We list everything from Canon’s xl2 and Panasonic’s new hvx200 all the way up to Sony’s F900 Cine Alta high-definition camera, which has fast become an industry standard.”

By turning to DVRental.com, filmmakers can now easily locate and rent local digital video cameras for their projects. They can also search/filter camera options by price, package location and other factors. It’s not just the camera borrower who benefits from a DVRental.com transaction, however. The site also allows people who own prosumer and professional digital video cameras to list them for rental, thereby enabling them to turn an unused asset into a cash flow.

In an environment that is similar to the popular auction site eBay, DVRental.com doesn’t handle any of the rent arrangements. The company’s role is to initiate the initial handshake and then allow the two parties to set the final terms of their own accord. Those individuals who are seeking additional resources – such as camera information, format information and a modifiable and downloadable rental agreement – before entering into a transaction, however, will find everything they need on the site. DVRental.com even has a relationship with the DeWitt Stern Group, a century-long provider of short-term, low-cost production insurance.

For more information on how you can rent out or borrow a digital video camera, contact DVRental at (818) 802-0133. To learn more about the DVRental.com Web-based marketplace, visit the company online at http://www.DVRental.com.