Rimage Announces Availability of Two New On-Demand Digital Publishing Systems
Posted Jun 26, 2007

Rimage Corporation today announced the availability of its new Professional Series 5300N and 5100N product lines, addressing the requirements of mid-range of CD/DVD and Blu-ray Disc publishing. The new Rimage Professional 5300N and 5100N models offer customers a “step up” from ordinary desktop disc publishing systems and provide compact, user-friendly systems for front office applications.

“The new Rimage Professional Series is perfect for our customers that have multiple users sharing disc publishing responsibilities and want the convenience of an intelligent network appliance with professional print quality and hands-off operation, but don’t need large capacity production equipment,” said Manny Almeida, chief operating officer for Rimage “The Professional Series is designed to save our customers in the video production, medical, retail and business service industries time and money by having an in-house disc publishing solution.

The 5300N and 5100N feature premium design, performance and print quality in one easy-to-use package. Functioning as a shared network appliance, the 5300N and 5100N automate data recording and surface printing for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs for an entire work group. The Professional Series uses sophisticated software, embedded computers, state-of-the-art robotics, network connectivity and truly permanent direct-to-disc printing to deliver professional-quality, error-free discs every time.

The Rimage Professional Series 5300N and 5100N disc publishing systems help a wide range of businesses streamline their information distribution workflows and can be deployed in a number of scenarios. From video, photo and digital media production to medical images and financial data, the 5300N and 5100N are ideal all-in-one solutions for archiving, duplicating and distributing critical digital information. Applications for the Professional Series 5300N and 5100N include business services, digital media, medical and retail.

Longtime Rimage customer Robert Martindale, manager of television production for non-profit giant AARP, tested the 5300N system and has been impressed with how easily the equipment fit into his DVD production workflow. In Bob’s words, “The system simply works.”

“As solid, satisfied Rimage customers, we couldn’t imagine how the company might improve its top-notch networked systems,” said Martindale. “But after using the 5300N for several months, we were most impressed with the system’s production capacity, flexibility and “future-proof” upgrade capability of Blu-ray Discs and HD/DVD. Having separate input bins for CDs and DVDs went a long way towards speeding up the production process,” added Martindale.

Medical imaging customers also praise the Rimage 5300N and 5100N systems – called the Rimage Medical Disc System by product integrators in the health care industry – for its performance and mission-critical reliability. “No other solution can match how quickly the first disc is produced, the permanence of patient information and dependability of the Rimage system,” said Mike Sutherland, vice president of TDK Medical. “As the Healthcare industry starts using DVDs along with CDs because of increased imaging storage requirements, the Medical Disc System’s dual bin capacity and on-board intelligence provides the most advanced disc publishing system available.”

For large retailers, the Rimage Professional Series provides an entirely new revenue stream by expanding their digital content output services. The Rimage 5300N and 5100N systems are affordable turnkey solutions for retailers to deliver on-demand digital content – such as music, movies, ring tones and more – with professional, full-color disc printing. Plus, the Rimage solutions have full-featured networking capabilities that enable retailers to combine customer-facing kiosk-based or Web-based digital content acquisition with in-store disc production capabilities.

New features for the Rimage 5300N and 5100N systems include the following:

50-Disc Removable Input Bins – The 5300N gives users the flexibility to simultaneously produce two different media types in one system with less frequent manual media changes. The 5100N supports one recorder and one input bin.

Removable Recorders – The 5300N features the latest technology in recorders and are pre-aligned for easy insertion and removal from the chassis Future recorder upgrades, such as an optional 4x Blu-ray Disc recorder, could easily be added to the system. The 5100N features a single DVD/CDR or Blu-ray Disc recorder.

Removable Hard Disks – Two removable 250 GB hard disks are configured for RAID 0 operation to maximize write performance, and the 5300N has a third open bay for additional data storage.

High-Performance Embedded Control Center – Features a 1 gigabit Ethernet interface, Intel® Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of memory and Microsoft Windows XP Pro embedded.

Everest III Thermal Retransfer Color Printer – World-renowned Everest disc-printing technology prints durable, photo-realistic color images directly to the disc surface for a professional label that won’t run, smudge, or scratch.

Software Suite 7.4 – An integrated suite of applications to manage, create and print discs from all computers across a network, the new Rimage Software Suite includes QuickDisc, CD Designer and Rimage System Manager applications and features adaptive streaming, networking and disc spanning functions.

The Rimage Professional Series is targeted at mid-range, front office applications and complements the Producer Series 8100N & 7100N systems introduced in 2006 for business critical, higher volume applications. The Rimage Producer and Professional Series can operate cooperatively or independently on the network to meet a wide range of digital publishing requirements.

The Rimage Professional Series 5300N is currently shipping, and the 5100N will be available in July. For more information about Rimage Professional Series digital publishing systems, visit www.rimage.com.