Macrovision & Chicago Digital Post Launch RipGuard-MOD
Posted Jun 27, 2007

For the first time in industry history, every video producer and videographer—no matter how big or small—has access to the same cutting-edge, anti-ripping DVD Copy Protection used by the most powerful movie distributors and studios.

Chicago Digital Post/Great Lakes Digital Media (CDP/GLDM), an innovative multimedia service and disc manufacturing company, has licensed with Macrovision Corporation, the worldwide leader in rip control technology. Together, they’re making RipGuard-MOD—the mainstream entertainment industry’s most popular rip control technology—available to independent producers nationwide who create Recordable DVD Video products.

“The industry loses millions of dollars in revenues to ripping every year,” says Tim Montague, president of CDP/GLDM, which is based in the Chicago area. “This is the solution the independent industry has been waiting for.”

Up until now, producers and distributors who create DVD video on Recordable DVDs have not had a trustworthy, affordable method of protecting their products. With RipGuard-MOD, that’s no longer the case.

RipGuard-MOD works by modifying the file structure of the disc, thereby neutralizing the ripping program—without installing software on users’ computers, altering those PCs, or affecting the playback or performance of the DVD itself.

“We’ve made it very simple for producers,” says Montague. “You simply provide us with a playable master disc on Recordable DVDR, and we process and protect it. There are no special production requirements. Generally within 24 hours, we’re ready to start manufacturing. And we’re capable of protecting Dual-Layer DVD Recordables as well.”

The cost for RipGuard-MOD ranges from less than a dollar per disc to a few dollars per disc, depending on quantity. The cost structure includes a reasonable, one-time set up fee for applying the copy protection to the master, and a per-disc license fee to Macrovision—a small price to pay for protecting your proprietary content.

“We feel that the primary benefit of this to the independent producer who creates DVDs is that it helps keep honest people honest.” says Montague. “Nothing is beyond circumvention, there is no such thing as ‘copy prevention’, but RipGuard-MOD can have a significant impact through increased sales by keeping all but the most committed rippers from making copies.”

In addition to Copy Protection, CDP/GLDM also offers a full spectrum of DVD manufacturing services to clients nationwide, from bulk dye-sub printing on recordable CDs & DVDs to Blank Recordable ‘retail-ready’ DVD Packages and turnkey “retail-ready” manufacturing and order fulfillment services.