VBA Sponsors Exclusive Video Biography Business Teleseminar with Hal Slifer
Posted Jun 12, 2007

Steve Yankee, founder of The Video Business Advisor has announced that the VBA is now taking reservations for a special June 21 evening teleseminar featuring Hal Slifer, well-known and respected video biography guru.

An EventDV 25 videographer with over 27 years’ experience producing biography and event videos with his Greater Boston-based company, Hal Slifer Video, Slifer will be the featured guest on the next Video Business Advisor Teleseminar--Thursday, June 21 at 8 pm EST.

Slifer introduced photomontages to the New England marketplace in 1980 and same day edits (SDEs) in 1999. His clients are happy to invest upwards of $1,500 for a simple photomontage, while his average biography videos range from $5,000 to $15,000.

In preparation for this exclusive teleseminar, Hal will post six video clips of his work so attendees will be able to view, ahead of time, the different styles of biographies he produces. "This way," says Yankee, "you’ll be ready to ask questions about Slifer’s work and gather information to help boost own your video business." The weblink for these clips will be available to teleseminar attendees only.

Slifer’s teleseminars are question-based experiences. After viewing his video clips prior to the actual session, participants have an opportunity to email specific questions for him to answer.

Additionally, the 90-minute evening session will focus on the following topics:

  1. Brief history of how Hal got into the video biography business
  2. A “tour” of his studio and his staff
  3. Marketing biography videos
  4. Equipment and tools for success
  5. Interview techniques
  6. Writing a script
  7. Pricing your product
  8. Using humor for entertainment and for high profits
  9. Your personality and your business
  10. Same-Day Edits and the biography product
  11. Dealing with families/video family therapy

The regular price is $24.95; however, Steve Yankee has extended a discount to our association members, so the final price is just $19.95. This includes the following:

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