Sachtler Introduces New ACT 2 Spring Arm For Stabilizers
Posted Jun 1, 2007

Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, introduces the ACT 2 spring arm for camera stabilizing systems (with industry-standard vest/arm connection) including the artemis EFP, EFP Pro SDI HD, Cine, and Cine HD. The elegantly engineered ACT 2 delivers breakthrough functionality, easy set-up and enhanced performance in a surprisingly lightweight yet robust package.

Sachtler’s engineering team has carefully thought out this next generation arm, improving the state of the art with new-technology springs, bearings and materials like high rigidity reinforced aluminum. The result is an arm that is 3 lbs (1.36 Kg). lighter to carry, yet offers unmatched torsional strength to benefit daily operations and ensure a long life.

The ACT 2 is designed for versatile, speedy set-up. A choice of three interchangeable stainless steel spring sets handle payloads from 24 to 57 lbs. (11-26 kg). The intuitive pre-tensioning capability lets the operator adjust spring tension to accommodate various loads simply and quickly with a single 5/32" (4mm) Allen wrench. Operators will appreciate that when it’s time for action, the arm fully-engages at once, even at maximum load.

The new arm also introduces a flip-over vest attachment that makes it easy to switch from "right-handed" to "left-handed" operation and vice-versa, without disassembling the vest connection. The 5/8” gimbal mounting post, available in 6", 10", and 12" lengths, offers adjustable friction.

This arm is built for durability, right down to the finish. While most arms rely on anodized aluminum, the ACT 2 housing undergoes a unique chemical process that hardens the aluminum and produces a smooth finish that repels scratches and nicks and sports a deep long lasting black matte color.

The ACT 2 arm is crafted in Eching, Germany alongside Sachtler’s other precision artemis products and is available through the Sachtler dealer network.