Ugrip Enters U.S. Market with Universal Support and Platform System for Motion Picture/Video Cameras
Posted Apr 16, 2007

Ugrip, an innovative designer and manufacturer of customized camera support systems for motion picture and video cameras based in Denmark, is introducing their new line of products for the first time in the the 2007 National Association of Broadcaster's (NAB) annual trade show. Ugrip is an unique and indispensable camera support system developed by photographers, for photographers, to make handheld shooting more flexible, stable and comfortable. And since the system is modular in design, photographers can build onto it as needed and can be used with motion picture cameras as well as today's HD professional and miniDV video cameras.

The system was designed by leading aerospace engineers, including Lars Malmborg, R&D manager at Ugrip and a leading designer of the Ariane 5 space rocket andInmarsat satellite power supply projects. The new product line is manufactured using precision tooling and the highest quality metal products including those found in the production of today's commercial jets. By incorporating a strategically designed "building system,"users are ableto expand the system to suit their needs based on specific shooting situations and environments. The Ugrip modular system combines all video and motion picture accessories including lighting, sound elements, wireless transmitters and portable hard drivesonto a single unit for convenient and independent control by keeping them within arms reach and without loose wires or extensions.

The system begins with its fastening module for secure and stable support of the camera. The system's grip handles are designed with a rubberized cover for firm handling and added comfort. In addition, the grips can rotate in any position to suit the shooting style of any photographer and the desired position of the camera when shooting.

"We believe we have created a unique camera support system that gives photographers the added freedom and flexibility to physically control every element of the shoot- lighting, sound and monitors-without ever leaving the camera,"said photographer and Ugrip co-founder, Malte Udsen. "We developed the system in a way that would allow photographers to expand and customize the system-like building blocks-to suit their specific style of shooting. The response by European photographers has been overwhelming and we hope to gain the same reaction here in the U.S.," Udsen added.

Marcel Zyskind, Director of Photography forThe Road to Guantanamo, In This World among many others,was quite vocal about his experiences with Ugrip™:"To be able to combine different elements so that they suit specific needs, is a brilliant idea-and I must say that I am impressed with the effect it has on the maneuvering of the camera."

The Ugrip camera support system will be available in the U.S.beginning in May and available at video specialty dealers and rental houses nationwide. For additional information, visit