NewTek Announces Major Breakthrough in Live Virtual Sets
Posted Apr 17, 2007

NewTek, Inc., the worldwide leader in portable live production systems, today announced a major market breakthrough in live virtual set production with TriCaster STUDIO. With up to 6 live camera inputs, 2 DDRs (Digital Disk Recorder), multi-channel effects, and NewTek's proprietary live switching and keying technology, TriCaster STUDIO brings powerful new live virtual set capabilities to an entirely new audience.

"Before TriCaster STUDIO, the ability to do sophisticated live virtual sets was limited to big budgets, corporate organizations with dedicated graphics and engineering departments." said NewTek President and CEO, Jim Plant. "TriCaster STUDIO blows things wide open. Now, sophisticated, photo-realistic three dimensional virtual sets with real-time reflections, refractions, shadows and support for multiple camera angles, multiple DDRs, over-the-shoulder and foreground graphics, and many other powerful features, are available to an entirely new group of organizations who were previously shut out from using virtual set technology."

TriCaster STUDIO Live Virtual Set Features include the following:

TriCaster STUDIO Live Production Features include the following:

TriCaster STUDIO is ideally suited for the following:

TriCaster STUDIO will be available Q2 2007 for $9,995 US. For more information, visit