Announces the Q-Release Shoulder Pad Mount for HD Video Cameras
Posted Apr 12, 2007

Zacuto, a leading provider of HD video camera accessories will be announcing its much anticipated Q-ReleaseT for mounting a shoulder pad on your HD video camera package. Visit Zacuto at NAB, booth C11413.

The Zacuto Q-Release is the new standard for mounting a shoulder pad to the baseplate of a HD video camera package. The Q-Release allows you to mount a shoulder pad underneath your camera for better camera system balance when using a DOF (Depth of Field) adapter or have camera package lengths up to 36 inches. It allows you to move the center of gravity forward. It also has a handy quick release to mount and un-mount quickly without having to remove other gear on the rods.

The Zacuto Q-Release is used in conjunction with owners existing Zacuto Baseplate & Zacuto Shoulder pad and offers the following advantages:

"With Q-Release virtually any camera can be operated comfortably - with just the right balance - for tireless all-day use," stated Zacuto Marketing Director Steve Weiss. See Q-Release and the whole line of Zacuto products at NAB booth C11413.

Zacuto Q-Release is now available for $175 at Zacuto's online store.