Announces the Z-Release System for HD Video Cameras
Posted Mar 21, 2007

Zacuto, a leading provider of HD video camera accessories, will be announcing its much anticipated Z-Release system for mounting accessories and equipment on your HD video camera package. Visit Zacuto at NAB, booth C11413.

The Zacuto Z-Release System is the new standard for mounting accessories and equipment on HD video cameras that offers the following advantages:

The Zacuto Z-Release line includes the following:

The Z-Mount is for mounting articulating arms to Baseplates, Zgrips or any 15mm rod giving you quick release action. Zuds retrofit existing articulating arms giving you quick release action on both ends of your arm. Tighten the Allen screw and the Zud cannot come loose, as well, whatever is mounted into it can't move.

The Zround Mount is a retrofit to allow Zacuto DoubleMounts & MiniMounts to accept Zuds or Zamerican arms giving you quick release action on your Double or MiniMount. The Zdapter comes with Zacuto Z-locks in 15mm (lightweight rods), 19mm (studio rods), 5/8" (Panavision rods, as well as light stand spuds & C-Stand arms) Z-locks mount on the Zdapter Backplate vertically or horizontally. This lets you make the Zdapter do whatever you need.

The Wireless Plate screws onto the wireless bracket. Either a 15mm Z-lock (lightweight rod), 19mm (studio rod, 5/8" (Panavision rod) adapter also screws into the wireless bracket. Slide the whole wireless unit onto the appropriate rod and lock tight.

"With Z-Release virtually anything can be mounted to this style of camera allowing you to completely customize your HD video camera setup, stated Zacuto Marketing Director Steve Weiss." "This is going to change the way people mount gear."

"What's unique about the new Zamerican articulating arm is that Zacuto has done away with the screws on either end of the arm, stated Zacuto Director of Operations, Jens Bogehegn "An innovative 15mm rod is used to connect items to the arms. Plus you can then use Zacuto's 15mm rod extensions to extend the arms to any length. If you own an existing arm with 1/4 20" or 3/8 16" screws, just add a Zacuto Zud ΒΌ 20 or 3/8 16, your arm is now ready for Z-Release."

 See Zamerican and the whole Z-Release line of Zacuto products ($60-$215) at NAB booth C11413 or Zacuto