Telestream Introduces Pipeline Network Encoder
Posted Mar 22, 2007

Telestream, the leading global provider of media encoding workflow solutions, today announced a new hardware product that offers a novel approach to the way video professionals ingest tape-based media into file-based workflows. Pipeline is an industry-first network encoding device that provides SDI ingest into Telestream's FlipFactory® and Episode™ applications as well as 3rd party products, including Apple's Final Cut Pro.

The encoder is accessible to multiple users over the network, providing a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional PC capture card solutions. A series of Pipeline products are being introduced today to meet the needs of broadcast, post-production and new media workflows.

"Telestream dramatically changed the way the professional video industry delivered media with the introduction of our first hardware appliance, ClipMail Pro, eight years ago," said Dan Castles, Telestream CEO. "We're changing the game again by bringing hardware encoding to the network. Pipeline offers a more flexible, efficient alternative to conventional PC capture solutions."

Pipeline is comprised of a series of network-accessible video capture products that provide hardware encoding and decoding of serial digital video and audio. Two models, single-channel Pipeline and multi-channel Pipeline Quad, will be introduced at NAB to address a variety of professional encoding needs. Pipeline is also designed for direct integration with 3rd party products and workflow solutions. Pipeline provides real-time, frame-accurate video capture and encoding to multiple formats, including DV25/50, IMX 30/40/50 and MPEG-2 I-frame (PAL & NTSC). File transfer begins while ingesting from tape to provide fast throughput and accelerate users' workflows.

Shared network access and RS-422 deck control enable access to the tape deck by multiple users. Pipeline is software configurable to provide the output formats users need. It is network-upgradeable to easily add new features and formats, like H.264 and Windows Media, as they become available from Telestream.

Telestream's shared network resource approach provides significant advantages over conventional server/capture card solutions. Pipeline eliminates operating system and driver incompatibilities as well as host processor bottlenecks. It also removes the need to use an expensive broadcast server channel to ingest media into file-based workflows. Designed for the desktop, initial offerings include single-channel Pipeline for Apple's Final Cut Pro editing application and Telestream's FlipFactory and Episode transcoding products.

Pipeline for Final Cut Pro includes all the advantages of other models. Real-time media encoding to DV 25/50 and IMX 30/40/50 provides more choices than conventional video capture solutions. In addition, Pipeline intelligently detects and delivers formats required by the Final Cut project bin.

For Telestream's FlipFactory transcoding workflow automation and Episode media encoding products, Pipeline provides a fast, efficient means to capture and ingest media from tape or live sources. Importantly, media transfer to FlipFactory and Episode begins immediately while encoding in Pipeline, to enable faster job processing. Transcoding into proxy or other formats happens simultaneously during the encode process, greatly improving overall workflow throughput.

The multi-channel Pipeline Quad offers additional features, such as confidence monitoring and redundant power supplies, for higher volume needs. It is especially useful for the capture of multiple live feeds and tape ingest into digital libraries. With four channels in a single rack unit chassis, Pipeline Quad provides unparalleled encoding density, saving valuable rack space and power for broadcasters and content owners.

Pipeline applications include batch ingest from an EDL file which allows users to encode multiple clips from a single tape. It streamlines digitization of tape for ingest into archives, online libraries and digital asset management workflows. Since Pipeline is bi-directional, it can also be used to print clips to tape for sharing with clients and colleagues. A complete Software Development Kit (SDK) provides easy integration with 3rd party products and destination applications.

Pipeline will be demonstrated in Telestream booth SL-9214 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada April 16-19. Priced at $1,950, single channel Pipeline will be available shortly after NAB through Telestream's direct sales and worldwide resale channels as well as from the Flip4Mac online store at

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