Digital Media Applications Delivers ROCKETDVD-LIVE
Posted Jan 23, 2007

Digital Media Applications, a leading developer of DVD authoring software for prosumer and professional digital video and broadcast markets, today announced RocketDVD-Live, a complete solution for delivering DVD content of live events such as Concerts, Sporting Events, and Conferences immediately after the completion of the event. RocketDVD-Live is a flexible, cost effective, and simply saves time since it instantly creates complete DVDs from various video sources. This enables media professionals to deliver DVD video content almost immediately after events.

RocketDVD-Live is an end-to-end automated DVD authoring solution that offers real-time video/audio capture, recording and creation of DVDs during live events. It consists the RocketDVD Professional system, Live feature upgrades and the RocketDVD Duplicator Towers, RocketDVD-Live, is completely scalable and can produce an unlimited number of fully authored DVDs in less than 10 minutes from the conclusion of the event. This is referred to as Time To First Disc (TTFD). The number of discs which can be produced in this TTFD is limited only by the number of towers added to the overall system architecture.

RocketDVD-Live technology enables the simultaneous receipt of the DVD image file to all DVD Duplicators available on the gigabit ethernet network. Once receipt of the DVD image file is complete each tower will immediately initiate the writing process on all available drives poplulated with blank media. Additional DVD runs will automatically be initiated once all drives in the duplicator are repopulated with blank media (actual writing times per 8-drive tower is approximately 6.5 minutes).

RocketDVD-Live is designed for events including corporate & government events, sporting events, legal proceedings, live concerts, church services, and recitals. Features include the following:

RocketDVD Live will be shipping in the first quarter of 2007 through authorized reseller or direct from Projected Software-only pricing will start at $3,995 for RocketDVD Professional with the Live option and $1,495 for the RocketDVD Duplicator Tower software. Turnkey hardware/software configurations are available and will vary according hardware configuration. Trial versions of RocketDVD Professional are available at under the demo tab.

RocketDVD Live is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Professional. For more information visit