All Pro Solutions Releases New Network-Based DVD Publishing Systems
Posted Jan 3, 2007

Established standards and low-cost CD/DVD recorders and media are responsible for the success of CD/DVD recording technology. Burning CD/DVDs with a single recorder is time-consuming, and changing media manually often is not acceptable. This situation requires recording systems to offer not only capabilities for on-demand publishing and CD/DVD duplication, but also for parallel recording. The Olympus Publisher offers a professional solution to all these demands.

The Olympus Publisher is a fully self-contained DVD/CD Publisher/Duplicator with a built-in PC running on the powerful PoINT Publisher software. The Olympus series publishers can be configured with 2 drives with up to 330 capacity, 4 drives with up to 630 capacity, 7 drives with up to 900 capacity including many of the industry's leading disc printers like the Prism Plus and the Teac P55, making it a great machine to complete any DVD or CD production job.

Olympus Publisher provides the following application areas:

For all application fields the client/server concept of the Olympus Publisher provides network support. Furthermore, the Software Development Kit allows the integration of Olympus Publisher's powerful functionality into other applications (e.g. Music CD on demand).

The very strong, fast, and smooth autoloader is equipped with our smart picker (picks up only one disc) that makes for fast and jam-free duplication and printing. The system has up to 3 input/output bins. Media is loaded from the input bins into the drives for duplication, from the drives into the printer for printing, and when finished, unloaded into the output bins. Defective media is unloaded into a reject area. Once the output bin is full, the 1st input bin becomes the 2nd output bin and so on. All Olympus systems come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty on the robotics!

Because of its modular architecture, Olympus Series with PoINT Publisher software will adapt to your requirements and fit well into an existing networked environment. The software consists of the server component, which controls the actual recording process as well as a set of applications for the definition of the disc contents. The PoINT server controls the hardware and administers the job list. Each job represents one production series and contains important information like number of copies, label print file and additional parameters. The job attributes and the job list can also be modified by network clients under control of the integrated user management. A job is easily created and hundreds of copies produced by just dragging & dropping the Disc Image to the job list. The user interface provides all important hardware and job status information even over the network.

Features of the Olympus series include the following:

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