ProCon Announces QC120A QuickCapture A2D Digital Video Recorder and Accessories
Posted Dec 13, 2006

ProCon Digital Systems has announced the new QC120A QuickCapture A2D capable of recording 9 hours of broadcast quality content. Record Edit-Ready files straight to hard drive, with digital and analog capabilities. QuickCapture A2D has integrated media conversion capability that allows the user to record analog & digital video content directly to the A2D without further capturing or rendering.

QuickCapture A2D can also playback and pass-through video content on analog monitors! The QuickCapture A2D comes with a power adaptor and an analog breakout cable. Bag and battery are sold separately. The QuickCapture A2D model features IEEE1394 6 Pin DV Input/Output, 4-Pin SVHS, BNC Composite Video, RCA unbalanced audio analog inputs and outputs. NTSC and PAL selectable.

Model Numbers, Descriptions & Prices: