Dolgin Debuts 2-Slot Smart Battery Charger
Posted Oct 18, 2006

Dolgin Engineering is expanding its line-up of 7.2V battery chargers by introducing the TC200, a fast 2-position microprocessor-based battery charger ($259). Designed for video production studios and rental facilities, the unit is designed to provide fast, reliable charging of multiple camera batteries for both in-house and field use.

According to company president Alex Dolgin, who designed the charger, the TC200 incorporates a host of key features including the following:

The TC200 also features a highly efficient smart charging circuit. "It takes only about 3.5 - 4 hours to charge a typical high capacity battery pack. The pack can be left on the charger after the charge is complete," said Dolgin. The design of the charger he said, utilizes unique Dynamic Power Management (DPM) technology for minimizing battery charge time. By dynamically adjusting battery charge current, more current is allocated to the deeper discharged of the two batteries. Through this process both batteries are ready to use at about the same time.

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