16.9 Inc. Introduces New 0.75X Wide Converter for Panasonic HVX200
Posted Oct 12, 2006

16x9 Inc. has introduced cost-effective and convenient way to get wider angle images with the Panasonic HVX200 camera-the 0.75X Wide Converter. Using the 0.75X, operators can achieve a full 25% more extreme angle of view, with no sacrifice in zoom capability.

Manufactured in Japan, the 16x9 Inc. 0.75X Wide Converter features a cutting-edge HD-quality design that employs four glass elements to reduce geometric distortion and improve off-axis performance, particularly chromatic aberrations and flatness of field. For easy attachment to the front of the HVX200, this lightweight (20 oz.), compact (40mm long) professional optical accessory is equipped with 82mm screw-in rear threads.

Teamed with the HVX200's original lens, the 0.75X shifts the focal length from 4.2-55mm to 3.15-41.25mm. An optional 82-72mm step-down ring, included at no charge, allows it to also work with the Sony HVR-Z1U, as well as Canon XL-H1, XH-G1, and XH-A1 camcorders. For professional shading and filtering solutions, the Converter elegantly interfaces with Alfred Chrosziel HDV mattebox systems.

Suggested U.S. price for the 0.75X Wide Converter is $995.00. First deliveries are scheduled for the end of October 2006.