New Tinderbox Collections Now Shipping
Posted Oct 3, 2006

Visual effects developer The Foundry announced today that Tinderbox 4 for After Effects is now available to purchase globally, along with re-engineered Tinderbox 1, 2 and 3 collections, from The Foundry's website and from authorised resellers. Tinderbox 4 is the latest addition to The Foundry's Tinderbox range, and features twenty brand new 2D plug-in visual effects that will enhance the creative capabilities of Adobe After Effects 7.0 users.

The new Tinderbox collection is priced at: $500 / £275 per nodelocked license. Existing customers can upgrade for $250 / £137.50 per box.

The new Tinderbox 4 collection comprises a superior collection of generators, creative visual effects and image tools that will appeal to After Effects customers looking to significantly enhance their VFX capabilities. After Effects users can generate realistic animated flames with the Fire plug-in, and simulate the effect of water droplets rippling on a surface using Water. Other new plug-ins include the following: Cartoon, to give images a hand-drawn look; LineDrawing, a smart tool that detects the edges in an image and applies organic-looking pen strokes; and Muzzle Flash which generates light flashes from a range of guns including the M16, AK47, Beretta, Colt 45, and 12-gauge shotgun.

In addition to the new Tinderbox 4, The Foundry has re-engineered its Tinderbox 1, 2 and 3 collections from the ground up, enabling users to leverage the new features within After Effects 7.0. These include automatic synchronization with After Effects' in-built camera and lighting features, support for 32-bit floating-point images, brand new licensing to make it more flexible for customers to have plug-ins on multiple machines, as well as significant speed and feature enhancements.

Now, the complete collection of Tinderboxes 1, 2, 3, and 4, feature over 70 powerful 2D visual effects, each of which comes with a multitude of adjustable parameters to give those involved in the creation of stylish motion graphics and stunning visual effects access to a toolset that can deliver unlimited creative possibilities. Tinderbox 4 key features include the following:

Now shipping, the new Tinderbox collection is priced at: $500 / £275 per nodelocked license. Existing customers can upgrade for $250.00 / £137.50 per box.