Focus Enhancements Announces Availability of 2.0 Firmware Upgrade Adding Native QuickTime HDV Support for FS-4Pro HD, FS-C, and DR-HD100 Portable HD DTE Recorders
Posted Oct 4, 2006

Focus Enhancements, Inc. today announced the availability of version 2.0 software which adds native QuickTime HDV support to its industry leading Direct To Edit (DTE) FS-4Pro HD, FS-C and DR-HD100 recorders. The upgrade will be available for purchase in disc format on the Focus Enhancements website for $39. 1080i 50/60 and 720p/30 clips recorded in the QuickTime HDV format using FS-4Pro HD, FS-C and DR-HD100 can be used immediately in Apple Final Cut Pro 5 without having to first capture or convert footage.

Sony, Canon, and JVC camcorder owners can now record 1080i 50/60 or 720p/30 video directly to their FS-4Pro HD, FS-C and DR-HD100 in native QuickTime. The file can be imported directly into Apple Final Cut Pro and used immediately in the timeline — eliminating the time-consuming steps of capturing and converting footage. The FS extracts and decodes the audio from the incoming HDV stream, combines it with the video stream, and wraps audio and video as a QuickTime file. Previously, clips had to be either captured or converted prior to use in Final Cut Pro 5. The FS-4Pro HD and DR-HD100 offer a 40GB (3 hour) or 80GB (6 hour) internal disk drive, while the FS-C offers a 60GB (4 hour) or 100GB (7 hour) disk drive option.

These versions feature separate 6-pin FireWire connectors for interfacing with camcorders and computers for editing or file transfer, a backlit status LCD display, and a comprehensive set of control buttons including a navigation pad. The FS-C was designed specifically for Canon HDV camcorders users. The DR-HD100 was designed for JVC GY-HD100 camcorder owners.

The FS-4Pro HD 40GB model has a US MSRP of $1,395 while the 80GB model is $1,795. The FS-C is available through Canon in both 60GB and 100GB versions for a US MSRP of $1,395 and $1,995, respectively. The 40GB and 80GB DR-HD100 models are available exclusively through JVC Professional for a US MSRP of $1,495 and $1,895, respectively. The version 2.0 update can be ordered directly from the Focus Enhancements website in disc format for an MSRP of $39.

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