iKan Introduces Prompter Pro 2.0
Posted Sep 22, 2006

iKan has itroduced Prompter Pro v2.0, an easy-to-use, full-featured teleprompting software, now featuring MacOS compatibility. It works with standard text files and rich text files. It lets you edit them on the fly or create them within the program. It also allows you to use the scroll wheel on your mouse to adjust speed and direction. You can change font size, font color, or font and save the changes for next time.

Key benefits include the following:

Retail price for Prompter Pro is $99.95. Purchasers of iKan's PT1000 Teleprompter Kit receive Prompter Pro v2.0 free. Users of the old PrompterPro 1.0 can call iKan at 713.272.8822) to receive a free downloadable update.