16x9 Inc. Introduces Bebob Box-FS Handy Holder for FireStore Recorders
Posted Sep 22, 2006

16x9 Inc. has introduced the Bebob Box-FS, the practical mounting system for adding a FireStore FS-4 or FS-100 to the Panasonic HVX-200 and other popular HDV/DV camcorders. Previously, FireStore portable HD recorders had to be attached directly to the camera or clipped to an operator's belt. Bebob's new system provides a smart way to fit the FireStore under the camera, keeping it close for handheld or tripod use. The Box sits securely and unobtrusively underneath, with no obstruction to the camcorder.

Combining an outer shell of heavy gauge black anodized aluminum with components of shock-resistant polymer, the lightweight, rugged Bebob Box-FS functions as an ingenious cage-style carrier. Attaching between the camera baseplate and the tripod plate, the Box both holds and protects the HD recorder. Plus, it securely reinforces the underside of the camcorder itself.

Access is fast and easy via the drawer and quick safety lock. The Box's smooth-slide drawer is contoured to hold the recorder securely in place with the operating panel face up. When pushed back, the FireStore locks automatically in position. Reading the FireStore's display screen is simply a matter of unlocking and sliding out the drawer.

Compact and ultralight, Bebob Box-FS measures 8"L x 4.625" W x 2.625" H and weighs about a pound. It mounts to the camera baseplate via a convenient 1/4-20 top screw. Below, a second 1/4-20 screw anchors the Box to a standard tripod plate.

For a limited time, 16x9 Inc. is offering the Box-FS at an introductory price of $378 (Suggested U.S. list price is $425).