Digital Juice Announces the Launch of Digital Juice Television
Posted Aug 17, 2006

Digital Juice has announced the immediate launch of DJTV, Digital Juice Television. DJTV is Digital Juice's Web-based Television Network dedicated to tips, tricks, tools, techniques, and technology for video editors and graphic designers.

The DJTV "launch line-up" consists of three programs, hosted by industry experts who are just chomping at the bit to share their secrets. Have you ever wanted to know the ins-and-outs of focal length and how to apply that knowledge to your next shoot? Check out Production Notes, hosted by industry veteran Perry Jenkins. What about audio? Often overlooked as an afterthought for a lot of us, Tech Know, hosted by technical author Eric Franks, breaks down the bits and bytes so that your next audio-settings decision can be one based on an understanding, and not just guesswork. In Take 5 Chuck Peters will inspire you with five exciting and creative ways to use Jump Backs in your edits.

DJTV will be streamed directly into your living room, edit suite, or even your iPod. Every week you'll be treated to new concise focused topics, explained and demonstrated in terms that anyone can understand. You'll find topics ranging all levels of complexity and experience. DJTV costs the viewer nothing. There is no sign up, subscription or dues to pay, just high-quality productions to help everyone in the field of video production and graphic design, according to Digital Juice.