Sony Introduces Two New Theme Packs for Cinescore Pro Soundtrack Creation Tool
Posted Jul 26, 2006

Sony Media Software today unveiled a new way to score projects with the offering of two new Cinescore Theme Packs: Pass the Ring: The Wedding Soundtrack Library and Incredible Vistas: Visual and Emotional Panoramas. Now, with just a few clicks, videographers and music producers can generate royalty-free, tailor-made music cues that sound like big-budget soundtracks.

Incredible Vistas contains 10 Themes appropriate for a vast assortment of applications, from grand cinematic gestures to corporate presentations. Pass the Ring is a one-stop solution for wedding videographers that contains all the expected classics plus an assortment of music suited to a wide variety of applications. Theme Packs are used exclusively within the new Cinescore software application. Every Cinescore Theme contains a universe of music resources that come to life inside Cinescore software to offer a wide array of possibilities for generating perfectly-integrated film music.

Cinescore Theme Packs will be available worldwide through software stores and online retailers for US $99.99 (each). More information on the Cinescore Theme Packs and Cinescore product as well as the entire line of Sony Media Software applications can be found at