Innovision Optics Introduces Birdy Pan & Tilt head and Bird’s Eye Camera Support Column
Posted Jun 19, 2006

Innovision Optics has introduced the Birdy Pan & Tilt head and Bird's Eye Camera Support Column. Birdy is a lightweight remote-controlled pan and tilt head that accommodates cameras weighing up to 10 lbs. (3 kg). The head is capable of both panning and tilting a full 360 degrees. Operated by joystick control, the system has a pan speed range of 360 degrees in 8 seconds (at 45 degrees per second) and a tilt speed of 26 degrees per second.

The new Bird's Eye lightweight, portable camera support column is the perfect solution when the shoot calls for an overhead elevated camera position. Weighing under 50 lbs. and constructed of sturdy galvanized steel, the Bird's Eye 4-stage telescoping center column expands to a height of 16 feet (4.9m). This enables camera height adjustment from 4 to 16 ft (1.2 to 4.9m). Dual locking bolts in each stage anchor the extended column firmly into position. Adjustable ground spreaders up to 4.5 ft (1.37m) in diameter and an adjustable floor stand give the system extra stability. Designed for easy assembly and breakdown, the Bird's Eye dismantles quickly to store neatly and compactly in the system's set of 2 handy carrying bags.

Birdy is priced at $4950 and the Bird's Eye Camera Support Column is priced at $1550. Both are available for sale or rental from Innovision Optics.