Focus Enhancements Announces New Direct To Edit FireStore Recorder for Canon XL H1 HD Camcorder
Posted Jun 13, 2006

Focus Enhancements Inc. today announced that it has worked with Canon to develop the FireStore FS-C series of portable Direct To Edit (DTE) disk recorders for Canon's popular XL H1 HD camcorder. The new line is expected to be available in July 2006.

Focus Enhancements is expanding its FireStore DTE recorder line with the FS-C HD60 and FS-C HD100, offering 60 and 100 GB of tapeless hard drive video storage respectively. The FS-C series enables videographers to record direct nonlinear HDV or DV streams with or without a tape inserted in the XL H1 camcorder via FireWire.

When in HD mode, footage is recorded in an .m2t file compatible with many popular HD editing solutions. When in DV mode, file support includes Avid OMF, QuickTime, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI and more.

FS-C HD60 can provide 4 1/2 hours of HD 1080i or DV25 recording time when used with the Canon XL H1; the FS-C HD100, approximately 7 1/2 hours. These ultra portable units will also include direct mounting to the Canon XL H1 camcorder.