M. Klemme Technology Introduces New Zeppelin Windscreen
Posted May 5, 2006

M. Klemme Technology Corp., maker of K-Tek professional boom poles, has introduced the Zeppelin Windscreen. The Zeppelin has been designed to offer maximum wind protection at an affordable price.

The new Zeppelin consists of a microphone basket, two rubber retaining rings, two foam end caps, the company's K-GPS suspension with wide support bar, a rubber filler strip and an XLR attached pig tail. Completing the system is a microfiber-lined faux fur High-Wind cover. The Zeppelin windscreen basket is interchangeable, which allows the system to accommodate different size microphones. Assembled and with the microphone installed, the Zeppelin's right-angled XLR connects to a male XLR by a woven cloth-covered audio cable attached to the rear bottom of the unit. This eliminates the need for special pig tails or XLR brackets.

K-Tek's High-Wind cover has been designed to photograph close to a neutral gray, so it does not dominate in the image when it is necessary to have it in the frame. This makes the Zeppelin especially valuable for news reporting and documentary work.

Suggested U.S. list price for the Zeppelin by K-Tek is $375.