Schneider Optics Announces New Century Lens Accessories for Canon XL H1
Posted May 5, 2006

Now users of the Canon XL H1 are able to go wider, reach further, and move in closer than is possible just using the lens of the camera alone. Schneider Optics introduces a comprehensive line of professional add-ons designed specifically to complement and enhance the performance of Canon's new camcorder.

New Century lens add-ons for the XL H1 include the .6X Wide Angle Adapter, .7X Wide Angle Converter, .8X Wide Angle Converter, Fisheye Adapter, 1.6X Tele-Converter, and Achromatic Diopters in strengths of +2.0 and +3.5. These high-grade optical accessories feature multi-coated glass elements for crisp, high-resolution images with low distortion, and superior contrast edge to edge. Equipped with a bayonet mount, mounting and removal from the front of the camera's 20X lens is quick and easy.

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