NewTek announces SpeedEDIT
Posted Apr 27, 2006

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, has announced SpeedEDIT, a resolution-independent video editor designed to work quickly and efficiently on any video project, from web streams to High-Definition. SpeedEdit works smoothly whether you're editing HDV, DV, MPEG-2, AVI, QuickTime or other popular video formats. Enjoy full resolution on-screen HD outputs with FireWire® output to camera or deck.

SpeedEDIT features include the following:
• Resolution independence - edit anything from web streams to HD
• Mix SD and HD clips in the same project
• Supports all frame-rates and resolutions
• 16:9 and 4:3 aspect support
• Live web streaming and recording
• Support for MPEG-2, HDV, DV, QuickTime, Flash and more
• Project output via FireWire® to camera or deck
• Real-time HD outputs on-screen
• Auto white balance correction
• Real-time 3-wheel color correction
• Advanced 4-band selective color selection
• Multi-threaded software runs faster with dual-core computers

Rather than emulating the "old school" film-cutting workflow found in most non-linear editors, NewTek streamlines the editing process by eliminating many unnecessary steps. SpeedEDIT allows all editing functions to be performed directly within its unique timeline and storyboard interface avoiding the intermediate steps of transcoding or pre-trimming content. SpeedEDIT further accelerates the editing process by dynamically linking Storyboard and Timeline, which allows the performance of many common functions in fewer steps. Ripple edits, clip replacement, segment repositioning, 3D video rotation, color correction, animated titles and Targa sequence playback are just a few of the everyday tasks that SpeedEDIT performs faster than any other professional editing package.

SpeedEDIT will ship Summer 2006 for $495 USD. For more information or to purchase, call NewTek Sales at 800-368-5441 or visit