DV Caddie Announces "Spring Offerings"
Posted Apr 20, 2006

DV Caddie has introduced two new offerings for the spring of 2006. The DVCA-SR2 is the latest in their line of shoulder rests and features a unique split support that conforms naturally to the slope of the user's shoulder. It can be configured with dual handles for maximum control or with the right side handle removed for unrestricted access to the camera's own handle. The total weight of the SR2 is less than two pounds. Suggested retail price is $154.

The DVCA-CK1 combines the new DVCA-SR2 shoulder rest with the DVCA-JR1 stabilizer. The two working together effectively distribute the weight of the camera equally between both the right and left shoulder reducing fatigue. The contact points on the hip and shoulder provide increased stability while the handles allow greater control. Suggested retail price is $272.

For more information on any of the DV Caddie products you can visit www.dvcaddie.com.