VASST Launches Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Training
Posted Apr 13, 2006

VASST, a developer of professional quality training and software products, has announced the release of the Edge Detective software plug-in for Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Sony Vegas software. Edge Detective is a creative tool for video editors, enabling them to easily replicate popular cartoon or sketch looks found in video today.

VASST has also announced the launch of their newest training DVD product, Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics and Beyond. The dual-layer DVD consists of over two hours of primary training with nearly two hours of various bonus chapter information covering features like basic compositing, color correction, and HDV capture/editing. Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics, and Beyond is not part of the VASST Absolute training series for Avid Liquid, Adobe Premiere Pro2.0, Final Cut Studio, or Sony Vegas, but is produced in a similar manner, allowing users to choose the lessons they want, when they want them.

Edge Detective and Vegas Movie Studio+DVD: The Basics, and Beyond are available at the VASST Web site.