Disc Makers Announces New Line of Automated Tower Duplicators
Posted Mar 30, 2006

Disc Makers, a manufacturer of CD and DVD duplicators, has added the ReflexAuto machines to its lineup of Reflex duplicators. The ReflexAuto3 and the ReflexAuto8 are the first-ever automated tower duplicators from Disc Makers. 
     ReflexAuto towers combine high-volume output with minimal interaction. The ReflexAuto series incorporates a robotic arm with all of the features of the Reflex towers so you don't have to manually change the discs after every duplication session. The ReflexAuto8 alone will allow you to burn CD's for over 20 hours unattended with a disc capacity of 1,000.

The new automated Reflex towers start at $1,890 for the ReflexAuto3, and $4,790 for the ReflexAuto8. The Reflex duplicators provide an affordable and efficient solution for a complete standalone duplication experience. The new Reflex duplicators include the following:

To learn more about Disc Makers' complete line of duplication hardware, visit www.discmakers.com/duplicators.