RaveHD 2.0 Officially Ships
Posted Mar 27, 2006

SpectSoft LLC., a provider of uncompressed video solutions on the Linux platform, has announced that RaveHD 2.0 officially begins shipping and will be showing at the upcoming NAB convention in Las Vegas. SpectSoft's newest version not only offers new features that include reverse audio, slave record, deck standby, and 2K HSDL support but the overhaul of the existing code base now takes RaveHD 2.0 to a client/server product and makes this product an extensive VTR replacement solution. The client/server implementation allows studios to control many DDRs from a single interface in addition to making the GUI modular and easily modified. RaveHD also supports both PCI and PCIe I/O boards on both the Intel and AMD platforms in addition to new support for the NVIDIA products.

RaveHD supports uncompressed SD, HD, Dual Link HD(4:4:4) and 2k(HSDL) in a single system as well as hardware accelerated upconverting and downconverting. The RaveHD Xenon system features integrated RS-422 hardware that allows for both slave and master control, unlimited scalability, dual 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet and includes Fiber and FireWire upgrade options. Features such as the frame oriented, standard file system storage, centralized database asset tracking, embedded timecode, embedded audio, Varicam flagging, programmable cadence engine(2:3, 3:2:3, 2:3:3:2, etc) and conform capabilities all in a simple to use interface are all standard in every RaveHD system.

RaveHD works natively with DPX frames but does offer some built-in tools for those working with Quicktime and other formats in addition to tools that allow embedding audio in/out of the DPX frames. Some of the immediately apparent changes in RaveHD would be the user friendly interface and added deck functionality whereas the underlying code changes are less apparent but far more powerful. A few of the major changes in the structure is the ability to add additional hardware easily, which will be shown at NAB and the ability to pass everything around using XML.

RaveHD can be seen on the showroom floor in several booths (Central Hall C2548 and South Hall SU3819) and will be available for passerbys to see uncompressed video running on the Linux OS but the suite is where the hardcore demos will be done. Interested individuals can contact SpectSoft for both private and group demos.

Priced at $25,000, the RaveHD Xenon System features 6TB of local storage in a SATA array configuration(upgradeable to 9.6 and 12TB) and offers one of the highest quality video solutions on the market today, addressing many concerns seen by other systems.