Canto Ships Cumulus Video Suite 1.0.1
Posted Mar 27, 2006

Canto, a provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced Cumulus Video Suite 1.0.1, an Option for the Cumulus Enterprise product line to efficiently manage and distribute videos assets. Due to an award winning shot boundary detection technology Video Suite can create records for each shot in the video, which can even be annotated with additional metadata. Cumulus Video Suite even supports streaming for viewing video files over the Internet, catering the needs of corporations where secure distribution of training, sales and marketing videos is a pressing concern.

Version 1.0.1 now offers WMV support and has added features for the Mac OS X platform that were previously only available to Windows users such as the automatic shot detection based on cuts and effects. Users can create a secure video repository, catalog entire movies and individual video shots, view previews and thumbnails for cataloged videos and shots, edit shot boundaries, and add metadata to video files or individual video shots. Video Suite enables users to search and find videos or shots fast by searching saved metadata, and helps to control the creative, productive, approval and distribution processes around the process and storage cycle of your rich media.

Video Suite is an add-on module that expands the functionality of Cumulus Enterprise 6.6 (or higher). Video Suite is available at $ 4,995 from Canto Sales at and Canto Certified System Integrators (CCSI). You can find a list of CCSIs on Canto┬╣s website at

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