SpringWorks Invests in YesVideo to Simplify Pro-Quality DVD Production
Posted Mar 17, 2006

SpringWorks, LLC has invested in YesVideo, Inc., a leader in automated media content indexing and digital authoring. This round of capital will be used by YesVideo to expand its line of embedded software applications, branded as YesDVD, aimed at making DVD recorders produce professionally featured DVDs with the push of one button. YesVideo has developed core competencies in applying computer vision technology to help consumers view and organize their video and photo content.

Through the YesDVD software, a DVD is automatically produced from videotapes and photos. The content is logically organized into chapters based on new scenes and photos are placed into logical slideshow clusters based on similar images of an event. YesDVD includes Hollywood style navigation menus to the content as well as computer edited "music highlights" of the best scenes. In addition, YesDVD has a custom contact sheet with thumbnail images of all the key chapters or photo groups which serves as an index guide to the content on the DVD disc.

YesVideo provides a line of professionally featured products through a variety of photofinishing retailers including Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Ritz, and Wolf Camera Stores, Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy, and Brooks/Eckerd Drug. In addition, through the YesDVD" software, retailers like Best Buy and Ritz/Wolf Camera stores are beginning to offer consumers the ability to produce professional style DVDs as an in-store service at select locations. The company recently announced that it has ported the YesDVD software application that produces the professional style DVDs to fit into a consumer DVD recorder.