ATI’s Avivo Video Converter Gets PC Video onto Your Portable Player in "Record Time"
Posted Mar 9, 2006

The Avivo Video Converter from ATI Technologies Inc. dramatically reduces the "wait time" users experience when converting a PC-based video of their favorite show or home movie for play on today's portable video players. In less than 5 minutes, the Avivo Video Converter can convert 30 minutes of video into a format playable by today's more popular portable video devices. When compared to alternative solutions, the Avivo Video Converter is more than six times faster, according to ATI.

The Avivo Video Converter is available today, as a wizard found within Catalyst Control Centre 6.3, a software package designed to enhance ATI's Radeon X1000 series of graphics cards. The Avivo Video Converter simplifies the conversion of digital video from one file format to another and enables even a novice user to quickly and easily convert their videos to play on an industry standard DVD/DivX player or portable media devices such as the Apple iPod, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, and others. "

The Avivo Video Converter accepts almost any video file format as a source and outputs in most popular video formats. Users running the wizard simply select the input and then output file format, set the quality level, and choose a file location for their newly converted video files--the Avivo Video Converter does the rest.

Catalyst 6.3, which includes the Avivo Video Converter, will be available for download at beginning today and is supported by ATI's Radeon X1000 series of graphics cards. For more information about the Avivo Video Converter, click here.