Litepanels Introduces Mini 32
Posted Feb 27, 2006

Litepanels expands the arsenal of professional production lighting with the new Mini 32. Ideal for illuminating interiors, the Mini 32 employs Litepanels' LED technology to offer 3200ºK of warm, projected soft, output.
     Litepanels' portable LED systems have become an invaluable asset in the production of numerous hit television series and films, and an indispensable tool for the location lighting of ENG news crews. With their increasing popularity, there has been a growing demand for a Litepanels that meets the needs of tungsten color-temperature lighting. Over 100% brighter than the original daylight-balanced Mini head when corrected for tungsten, the Mini 32 offers optimal illumination for any interior shot.
     Like all Litepanels, the unit is fully flicker and heat free, with 0 to 100% dimming with virtually no color shift. Measuring just 6.75" W x 2.25" H x1.25" D (175mm x 55mm x 30mm) and weighing only 9.6 oz. (.36kg), this versatile unit works well on or off camera, on a stand, or for lighting any tight spot.
     The Mini 32 can be powered from a variety of sources, including a standard camera battery, car battery, AC adapter, or the new longer life NIMH 2 hr snap-on battery pack. Prices for the Litepanels Mini 32 start at $749 list.