AJA Announces KONA LSe
Posted Feb 27, 2006

AJA Video, a manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, today announced the KONA LSe, a new PCI-Express version of AJA's affordable solution for quality analog and digital SD video capture and playback, the KONA LS. The cost-effective KONA LSe is the perfect engine for a professional Final Cut Pro editing system.

With this announcement, AJA further extends its variety of product options that support the PCIe G5 systems: the award-winning Io, IoLA, and IoLD, as well as KONA LSe, KONA LHe and the company's top-of-the-line KONA 3. AJA has made a significant investment in the development of its exceptional KONA hardware, and with KONA LSe, the AJA feature set, quality, support and reliability is available to professional editors at an entry-level price point.

Features of the KONA include the following:

KONA LSe will ship worldwide on March 20th, 2006, with a list price of $995 US. KONA LSe has the same feature set as the KONA LS, but with the new high-performance 4-lane PCI Express (PCIe) bus interface. The KONA LS remains available for non PCI-Express configurations.