Wedding Video Channel to Debut with help from 4EVER Group and Elysium Productions
Posted Feb 17, 2006

In a cooperative effort that includes The 4EVER Group, Elysium Productions (Julie and Alex Hill, with Jeff Deutsch), and many others, the Wedding Video Channel will soon be up and running.
     Found on the Internet at, this site is designed to educate brides about wedding videography, and provide content for consumers. According to Alex Hill, "This Web site would be positioned as a purely ‘for brides' site," where editorial content and video clips will be available to the bride. will be an advertising medium, allowing videographers to reach brides who are seeking their services.
     "The best part of the design of is that it is vendor-specific. Brides will come to the site because they want video, and information about video," said Steve Wernick, the Director of Development for The 4EVER Group. Advertising rates and placements will be available shortly. A nationwide awareness campaign will be a part of the business plan for