Azden Adds To Wireless Speaker Line-Up
Posted Feb 5, 2006

Azden Corp is announcing the newest addition to its wireless, powered speaker line: the APS 25b battery powered speaker. While including all of the same features of the AC powered APS 25, the new speaker adds the ability to operate without being plugged into an AC outlet, making it completely wireless.

The APS 25b uses an internal, rechargeable battery which allows the speaker to operate for 6-8 hours non-stop before needing to be recharged. If AC power is available, the speaker can be plugged-in and used while being recharged. Additionally, since the speaker is portable, a removable handle is included.

Features include four separate audio inputs, two of which are for modular, user-installable, wireless micro-phone receiver modules - VHF (30 channels available), UHF (63-channel switchable) or Infrared (2 user-selectable channels). The other inputs are for a wired microphone and a wired line output devise such as a CD player. All four inputs have their own volume control so that they can be perfectly mixed together. There is also a line-output for multi-speaker applications, a variable high-cut control for reducing feedback, a master volume control and Auto On/Off circuitry.

The speaker ships with a wall-mount bracket and can also be stand-mounted - vertically or horizontally. The front-panel has LED indicators for Low charge, Full Charge, Standby, On and Charge. The APS 25b gives installers the ability to have the right system for almost any situation. The built-in wire-less receiver systems can be used with either body-pack lavalier or handheld mics. By attaching one of Azden's plug-in transmitters to the house mixing console, the house feed can be sent to any number of speakers wirelessly. Wireless receiver modules can be changed any time without tools.

Available at the end of Q1 2006, the APS 25b will have an MSRP of 250.00 for the speaker only while one-channel wireless systems will start at $450.00. The APS 25b will be available in all of the configurations currently available to the AC powered model.