Sennheiser Introduces Evolution 912 Boundary Microphone at NAMM
Posted Jan 14, 2006

Sennheiser introduced a new condenser boundary microphone, the e 912, at the 2006 NAMM Show. A companion to the e 901 boundary mic for bass drums, the e 912 is designed for picking up speech, vocals and acoustic instruments, and, in particular, grand pianos.

"The e 912 is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications--from musical instruments to theater and opera house stages, from churches to conference centers and lecture halls," says Robb Blumenreder, Sennheiser's MI product manager.

The pre-polarized condenser microphone with half-cardioid pick-up pattern has a wide frequency response (from 20 to 20,000kHz) and a maximum sound pressure level of 136dB. The e 912's very flat housing makes it virtually inconspicuous while it's extremely robust design copes well with the rigors of being used on a stage floor. A rubber plate on the underside of the e 912 ensures that vibrations are not transmitted and mounting slots on the underside allows the microphone to be securely fastened on a stage, on a conference table or lectern.

The e 912 weighs in at a mere 350 grams (approx. 12 ounces) enabling it to be easily positioned in a variety of applications. The preamplifier electronics are integrated into the microphone and the gold-plated XLR-3 connector is surrounded by the enclosure in such a way that the connection isn't compromised. The e 912 is available in two colors--cream white and black--to blend in easily with the installation environment. The e 912 offers users a professional, versatile microphone that excels even in diverse applications such as speech, vocals or instruments.