Specialized Communications Corporation Announces CinePorter Web Page and Drawing
Posted Dec 19, 2005

Specialized Communications has added a new page to its Web site devloted to its CinePorte CP-2 HDD Recorder. Visitors to the site can see the preliminary specifications, diagrams of how the CinePorter will mount to various P2 cameras, a 3-D video of the CinePorter concept, and a drawing to win the first CinePorter off the production line.

With the CinePorter, Specialized Communications Corporation compliments Panasonic P2 technology by offering more options to P2 users. The CinePorter works like a large P2 card while writing to a shock-mounted on-board hard drive with capacity options ranging from 100GB to 240GB.

The CinePorter is small and has an independent power source. With the CinePorter still in the development stages, Specialized Communications Corporation felt the need for a dedicated web page for the CinePorter so that P2 users can stay abreast of the latest developments. Visitors can win the first CinePorter by giving valid, appropriate, and reasonable suggestions or comments regarding the development of CinePorter. The drawing will be on the release date which will be announced shortly. Read the latest information and submit your suggestion now at www.spec-comm.com.