Specialized Communications Corporation Announces Companion Product to Panasonic P2 Technology
Posted Nov 25, 2005

Specialized Communications Corporation has announced that its latest product, the CinePorter Model CP-2, will debut at the Government Video and Technology Expo 2005 (GVExpo 2005). Working closely with Panasonic P2 technology, Specialized Communications Corporation is developing the CinePorter as a complimentary option for P2 users.

"Panasonic has made great strides in moving the industry to a tapeless video format with P2 technology and has changed the video industry forever. Working closely with Panasonic P2 technology to develop the CinePorter has allowed us to expand on that technology by offering more options to P2 users," says David Linetsky, president, Specialized Communications Corp. "The CinePorter  will work like a very large P2 card while writing to a shock-mounted on-board hard drive."

It will assist users who "need a longer recording time," according to Andrew Hoffman, senior operations manager, Specialized Communications Corp. "At the end of the shoot you move all your files to your editor right from the camera. You can remove CinePorter from the camera and take it anywhere, or attach it to another camera and keep recording."

The CinePorter is small and has an independent power source.