Disc Makers’ Pico Brings Automated CD and DVD Duplication to the Masses
Posted Nov 17, 2005

Disc Makers has released the Pico, a single-drive automated CD/DVD duplicator at a low price of $699. With this release, Disc Makers intends to bring affordable DIY duplication to musicians, filmmakers, teachers, digital photographers, and small business owners.

The Pico joins the MicroUltra in Disc Makers' line--a large form-factor automated DVD to hit the market for under $1,000. The Pico delivers easy automated 16X DVD and 48X CD duplication in a small footprint. Measuring 7.1" x 15.75" and weighing only 6.6 lbs, the Pico features 25-disc capacity, a built in 3" and CardDisc adapter, and DiscForge software with audio, CD data, and DVD data editing software. The Pico allows users to back up audio and home-movie DVD collections, archive personal data, or create and duplicate CDs and DVDs for home, business, educational, or ministry projects.

The Pico includes the following:

To learn more about Disc Makers' complete line of duplication hardware, visit www.discmakers.com/duplicators.