16 x 9 Inc. Introduces Coco-DVL Power Converter
Posted Nov 11, 2005

16x9 Inc. has introduced the Coco-DVL Power Converter, a compact and cost-effective method of drawing voltage from Sony NPF970 series batteries to simultaneously operate the camera and professional 12V accessories such as a light, on-board LCD monitor, or audio receiver. Teamed with the new Lux-DV camera light, Coco-DVL provides an elegant power and lighting solution for popular Sony camcorders like the HVR-Z1U, HDR-FX1, VX-1000/2000 series, and DSR PD150/170.

Coco-DVL simply snaps on in place of the camera's existing 7.2V NPF battery, which attaches to the converter's convenient docking plate. This handy unit transfers 7.2V of power and Info-Lithium data from the battery directly to the camera while converting 7.2V to 12V for accessories. The run time of a camcorder (in record mode) and a 10W Lux light is approximately 135 minutes. Coco-DVL's smart design anchors the Sony battery at a 90-degree angle. This frees space for the convertor's connectors.

Accessories attach via a new twist D-Tap connector, allowing cables to plug in from either an upward or downward position. The unit also features a convenient 7.2V 4-pin Hirose connector and an optional wireless receiver mounting plate. Designed for use in combination with the Coco-DVL, the extremely lightweight, ultra efficient Lux-DV works well with Sony camcorders of any size.

This compact, low-profile light weighs less than 8.8 oz. (250g) when fully equipped with 2 barndoors, flip-out 5600ºK dichroic filter, and power cord. Lux-DV 20W bulbs feature a built-in mirror and diffuser and employ IRC technology for 30% more efficiency (output equivalent of a traditional 35W bulb).

Features include integrated Softstart electronics, and built-in bulb ejector to eliminate finger burns. Manufactured by Bebob Engineering of Germany, the Coco-DVL power converter and Lux-DV camera light are available in the U.S. from 16x9 Inc dealers. The combination Coco/Lux kit may be purchased at the special introductory price of $595 (suggested retail price is $695).