Creative Network Design Announces NetMix Pro 3.4
Posted Oct 10, 2005

Creative Network Design (CND), a sound and audio software developer, has announced the release of NetMix Pro 3.4, an enhanced sound effects library management tool for video and audio editors, at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention. An upgraded version of CND's NetMix Pro Sound Library Management software, NetMix Pro 3.4 enables editors, on Macintosh and PC computers, to search, audition, transfer, and manage audio files--whether sound effects or production music--with one-click ease, according to CND.

NetMix Pro 3.4 incorporates new features, including the following:

The NetMix Pro Relational Category Search enables users to search music tracks or sound effects by categories and subcategories, supporting unlimited subcategories. Users can conduct fast searches using the Relational Category Search, as well as Boolean full-text search, advanced search, or browser search.

CND has partnered with Associated Production Music (APM) to integrate the APM music library with NetMix Pro, enabling users to benefit from the world's best cross-platform workflow integration with Pro Tools, Avid, and other editing systems, including Final Cut Pro. Pro Tools users can spot music tracks to timeline on Mac and PC including a region selection and sync point for faster spotting to picture. Avid users can drag and drop music tracks from NetMix Pro directly into the Avid bin on Mac and PC.

The NetMix Pro Project Manager, developed with Oscar-nominated sound editor Mark Mangini, now supports management of music tracks by project. Users can add a music track or a region thereof to a project a single click. Projects can be shared among users and are completely searchable. Projects feature a reel-scene-spot structure that allows users to manage music tracks and sound effects. Cue sheets can be printed for every project, allowing for accurate reporting.

NetMix Pro 3.4 allows users to audition a music track in sync to picture. Its built-in movie player with professional transport control can play back any QuickTime-compatible movie, including QuickTime reference movies exported from Avid. Auditioning several music tracks in sync to a scene in a movie is accomplished with start and stop markers using MovieLoop.

The NetMix sequence editor allows a user to edit and mix up to 8 music tracks quickly or to combine a music track with some sound effects quickly and audition the multitrack sequence in sync to picture. A user can pre-edit music cuts on different audio tracks and save the sequence in the database for later use. Everything required for rapid creation of layouts is available is right at the user's fingertips in NetMix Pro.