Ultrasone & DPA Microphones Team up to Create “Ultimate Broadcaster’s Headset”
Posted Oct 6, 2005

Ultrasone of America, the United States distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, has announced the development of the HFI-700 HSD, touted as the ultimate broadcaster's headset. The HFI-700 HSD combines the Ultrasone's patented S-Logic technology with a high-quality sounding head-worn directional microphone, DPA's 4088.

Ultrasone's driver positioning allows professionals to listen at lower sound pressure levels, significantly reducing fatigue and protecting your ears, according to Ultrasone. The microphone portion of the headset utilizes a DPA miniature head-worn microphone. The DPA 4088 (cardioid) or DPA 4066 (omni) microphone is joined to the headphone with an articulating mount and disconnect that allows for stable positioning and quick field changes.

The six-foot cable terminates to a fan out with a ¼" stereo plug for monitoring and a 3-pin female XLR for the microphone. 5V - 50V phantom power is required for the microphone. Custom cable length and connector termination is available. ULTRASONE's headphones are also designed to significantly reduce sound pressure on the human ear by up to 40%. Moreover, ULTRASONE's patented PROline technology blocks up to 98% of harmful EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) radiation, Ultrasone reports.

The HFI-700 HSD will be available for $750 USD MSRP.