Panasonic Premieres High-Performance Vision System Cameras
Posted Sep 30, 2005

Panasonic Vision Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA) has introduced a new line of 3CCD cameras, including its first remote head progressive/interlace switchable camera system.

The slim and compact cameras feature highly accurate color reproduction, outstanding image technology and increased sensitivity. The new units are designed for low light applications in the medical and industrial field, as well as special event applications such as aerial videography or sporting events for point-of-view applications.

The GP-US732H 1/3" 3CCD Camera captures sharp, almost flicker-free images in the progressive scan mode (60 frames per second). Where extra sensitivity is required or there is little or no motion, the cameras can be switched to interlace scanning mode (60 fields per second) easily and quickly. High image quality is achieved with a signal to noise (S/N) ratio of 62 dB and 750 lines of resolution.

The camera is well-suited for use in low light conditions such as production line monitoring and features a minimum illumination of 7 lux at F2.8. The GP-US522HB camera employs three ½" super high sensitivity CCDs producing 800 lines of resolution and a 62 dB S/N ratio. With a sensitivity of F16 (2,000 lux), the GP-US522HB also performs extremely well in low light conditions and can capture a scene with minimum illumination reduced to 5 lux.

Both new cameras provide life-like color reproduction with the 6-axis color matrix control function. Each color can be adjusted separately without changing the white balance of the entire image. Additional enhancements can be made to red colors only, which is particularly useful for biological research. For dark and bright area correction, the set-up menu includes a gamma correction function to help prevent blurring. Further adjustments can be made to horizontal and vertical contours using the high-band aperture function.

The fully featured and easy to use Camera Control Unit (CCU), model GP-US742CU features an on-screen menu to facilitate simple and efficient adjustments. Lists of camera functions are displayed on the monitor screen and include color matrix control, red enhancement and gamma correction among others. In addition, the scene file function can store up to two different scene files containing the settings established in the on-screen menu.

To ensure correct exposure in microscopy or other situations when the subject cannot be illuminated uniformly, the CCU offers five presets, including all, center, circle (small), circle (medium) and circle (large) when AGC or ELC is selected. The unit also offers automatic or manual operation. Additional adjustments to enhance image clarity and prevent moiré can be made on the set-up menu by activating the two-dimensional low-pass filter. Supplementary functions include the following:

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